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Dat Travel Visit to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Dat Travel Visit to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Harold and Cheryl,  our company owners, surprised and blessed all of us at DAT Travel with a very special travel experience earlier this year. They rented a 15-passenger travel vehicle and drove all the DAT Travel staff down to see Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky.  We were greeted so warmly by Nancy Bloss and John Eytchison, and they graciously provided us with a private tour of both Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter!  We all came away amazed at the many wonderful things that we saw there! We’d like to share our thoughts through the eyes of several of our DAT Travel agents:

Melody: “One of my favorite exhibits at the Creation Museum was the bug display – Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.   [Yes, his name is actually Dr. Crawley.]  While we did not have a lot of time to spend looking at everything in-depth, I was riveted by the bright colors and sometimes enormous sizes of some of these insects! It was amazing to see the variety and beauty fashioned into each one of these creatures – the detail with which God painted and intricately designed each one! With the vivid colors, and jewel-like quality of some of those beetles on display, it is no wonder that certain cultures have used some of them in the making of jewelry!

According to our guide, John Eytchison, and the Creation Museum website: “The collection represents a lifetime of collecting by Dr. Crawley, who began his interest in these creatures during a merit badge project as a kid. Wherever his travels took him, he would venture out and add to his collection. ‘The goal of every collector,’ Dr. Crawley says, ‘should be to share his collection with others.’  The insects are beautifully displayed in cases that are lit from behind and guests will be delighted with the amazing detail they’ll be able to see in these creatures.

I could not agree more, and I think that EVERYONE, from the youngest to the oldest, will find the insect display to be exciting and visually dramatic!”


We also asked Judi what impressed her the most about the Creation Museum, and this was her answer:

The size – the number of displays and amount of information that was contained there. The wealth of information.” She said, “I have been to many other museums, but…” (her voice trailed off). We think she was very impressed. 🙂


Angela said: “The reality of the displays – to actually see Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve – it makes it come alive. It makes the Bible stories come to life.” Angela also said her favorite part was the Insectorium with the bugs of many colors.


Polly  (AKA Grandma Polly) viewed both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter as an absolute MUST SEE for her grandchildren when they come to Ohio for a visit this summer. In her words:

I am so thrilled to see all that Creation Museum offers to their visitors.  As a mother and grandmother, I am especially concerned that our son, daughter in law and  granddaughters are able to enjoy experiences that will strengthen and confirm their faith in God.  I want them to know that what we as a family have shared with them about God is absolutely true!

Our visit to the Ark Encounter was life-changing for me.  It is the Word of God come to life!  The sheer immensity of the Ark left me speechless (that does not happen too often) from the moment that our vehicle approached the Ark. We learned later that it was 1 ½ football fields in length (510 feet) and towered 7 stories high (51 feet tall) and that it could hold 10,000 people at a time!

Seeing the gigantic beams and timbers inside and looking at the amazing craftsmanship of the project, just as God had instructed Noah to build, once again confirmed to me that we serve an amazing God!  As a child, I would ask myself this question: “WHERE did Noah put ALL those animals?”  Well, I finally have my answer: that is one massive vessel and God had it all planned out down to the cubit!!

I can hardly wait to see the 132 exhibits that are being planned for the Ark Encounter, and I know that my granddaughters are going to just LOVE the petting zoo.  I am just trying to gather enough courage to try the zip-line when we visit, because I am pretty sure that they will both expect Grandma to do that with them, too!  Grandpa will be so happy to hear that there is a two-story restaurant, too!  Yum…. Southern cooking!

Although our granddaughters attend a wonderful church in their hometown of Denver, CO, their education in public schools is purely from a secular standpoint.  It is important that they learn about God’s infallible Word from many sources, in addition to what they learn at home and in their church.  Above all else, I want to leave our granddaughters with a legacy of strong and unshakable faith.  I know that visiting Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter will help tremendously in anchoring their faith in God, and that they will know God’s Word is true!  A big “thank you” to Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter for helping our family and all families to grow in their faith.

Our DAT Travel family would like to invite you and your family to plan a visit to experience the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter.  You’ll be glad that you did, and you and your family will gain a greater understanding of God and His truth.  They will come away with so much information that will help them to “defend their faith”.