Like us, you have probably been disappointed and frustrated by the lack of reliable Christian based information on most travel websites. That very problem inspired Cheryl Wellert to create a website called Christian Treasure Seekers, which is an on-line directory of Christian attractions across the country. It soon became obvious that there was another component to a great vacation that needed to be addressed: where do people stay when they travel to see these great Christian attractions all over America? The answer to that question gave birth to DAT Travel. We knew we could help to guarantee a great vacation experience by helping people to find the right hotel for them, their families, or their groups. So, if you are traveling to any one of the hundreds of Christian attractions across the country, let Christian Treasure Seekers and DAT Travel be your personal window to the Christian world of travel.


We are an affiliate partner to Christian Treasure Seekers, an on-line company that provides a comprehensive website directory of Christian attractions and destinations across the United States. Consumers are able to choose from among hundreds of destinations across the country to plan a family-friendly or faith-centered group vacation which will serve to enrich and strengthen their Christian faith.

At DAT Travel, we see ourselves in a supportive role for travelers who have chosen a specific Christian attraction that they would like to visit. Once a traveler has identified the Christian destination they plan to visit, DAT Travel helps families and groups to plan these life-changing and faith-strengthening travel experiences by locating the best accommodations in the area.

DAT Travel is a complimentary hotel booking agency through which people can find and book a clean, comfortable hotel at a great price, with awesome customer service, all in the locale close to the attraction they are visiting. We provide service and support over the phone or a customer may chat on-line with a live DAT Travel agent.

Our support does not end once a traveler’s room is booked. We also provide a mailing to our customers with a detailed summary of their hotel booking information, pertinent information regarding the Christian attraction they are planning to visit, and also valuable information regarding other family-friendly attractions in the given locale.

Let the DAT Travel team help you plan your next family vacation or faith-centered group trip. Let us take the worry out of finding a great hotel at a great price with the kind of customer service that you and your family deserve.


We strive to encourage families to visit Christian attractions across the country. At DAT Travel, our mission is to guarantee that you also enjoy the best in comfortable hotel accommodations with customer service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Whether you are on a personal pilgrimage, a family vacation, or even a business trip, we believe that no two travelers and no two trips are exactly alike. Our goal at DAT Travel is to provide each and every visitor with “above and beyond” customer service as they plan their travels to Christian destinations across the country. We strive to provide our customers with a customized Christian travel experience that includes a memorable hotel stay.


We envision ourselves as being “part of the answer” when it comes to taking the headaches out of Christian travel, whether it is for families, church groups, Christian social groups or individuals. Our DAT Travel team will personalize your vacation by taking time to listen and understand your unique travel style and particular needs. We book rooms for our customers only at hotels that are highly recommended for their accommodations and their service. It is always reassuring to know that during your vacation travels that you have a clean, comfortable room waiting for you, along with hotel staff who cares about “what you forgot to bring.”


What does DAT certified mean? It means that we work ONLY with select hotels that have entered into a dedicated partnership with area-wide faith-based attractions and destinations. Hotels that participate in such a partnership have established reputations of providing clean and comfortable accommodations and distinguished themselves with “over-the-top” customer service to our guests. We also schedule surprise anonymous visits to these hotels to be sure that they really deliver to our customers.